An organism previously unknown to science………a pathogen……… capable of causing diseases in BOTH plants and animals, a VERY RARE feat (and perhaps most disturbingly, probably the cause of miscarriages in livestock in testing) has been discovered in “epidemic” quantities amongst our grain supplies.

My humanity/empathy/soul has been beaten down and diminished to something akin to the cube root of jaded divided by cynical. While I find most things disturbing nowadays, rarely does anything “actually surprise” me. This would be one that did.

The genesis of this previously unknown to science pathogen, appears at this point, likely to have been the prevalent use of the worlds best selling herbacide “Roundup” from the good folks at Monsanto Corporation, used in conjunction with genetically modified Roundup ready seed crop by Monsanto, creating an artificial environment wherein natural pathogens from the soil mutated so as to be able to function in their brave new Monsanto provided world. They have mutated into a micro sized virus/fungus. Something that is a totally new life form. Not just different, not just a little mutated or adapted, not a new sub-species, but rather…..a…..totally………..form. Scared yet?

Monsanto Corporation’s many questionable endeavors have been well reported here at FDL, and this is not even a topic with which I am particularly conversant; however, I was led by a Liberty Underground update for June 8th to a couple of Huffington post articles, one by Lucia Graves here:

and a second by Joanna Zelman here:

Huffpo reporter Lucia Graves is alleging that regulators in the United States have known about birth defects caused by glyphosate, the main active chemical ingredient in Monsanto’s “Roundup” since 1980, also that European regulators have known since 2002; and that both have intentionally misled the public.

This malfeasance ( kind of a lame term huh? for criminal activity of this magnitude) was uncovered by a newly released report which became necessary to commission upon the discovery of the new pathogenic life form these practices have engendered. The research was performed by several scientists, from several countries. The report is titled “Roundup & birth defects : is the public being kept in the dark?”. It was released yesterday, and you can find it here:

To say the least, it is scary reading. The researchers found that a MRL (maximum residue limit) 1/10 that of which is currently allowable in the EU would cause malformations in animal embryo. I don’t know what the MRL is in the U.S., but I won’t be surprised to find that they are selling it to us at full strength to sprinkle on our ice cream.

Lastly, this is MUST reading. It is an open letter from Dr. Don Huber professor emeritus at Purdue University. Dr Huber identifies himself as someone with 40 years experience in germ warfare. The letter is to Tom Vilsack, our Secretary of Agriculture presently. He is advising Secretary Vilsack that this threat is serious, and we need to respond to it…….as an emergency. Immediately. Here:

Thought all this was worth sharing, even though I am not able to add much of anything to it. Hopefully some of you “actually” smart people here at FDL can do so in the comments.